The Many Uses of Hummus (plus an easy recipe)

20180107_125518The Middle Eastern and Mediterranean classic spread called hummus can take many forms. It is a favorite of mine to just have as a platter for lunch with fresh veggies like carrots, cucumbers and peppers. Lately I have seen additional ingredients like beets and peas being mixed into regular hummus recipes, which sounds like a great idea for getting in more nutrients and bringing in color to your dishes. You may be surprised to find out that even your kids might like it.

The baby of one of my moms friends had never tried hummus before, but one day when they were over we gave them a taste of a batch I made, and they made enthusiastic sounds and enjoyed it so much. It was refreshing and a nice compliment for me to see someone young enjoying new flavors. While the texture of hummus can be off putting to some, I tend to like it with different textures, such as putting it in a sandwich with crunchy raw veggies and even sprouts. However it may seem like there aren’t too many things to do with hummus other than eat it as a dip or spread-so what else can be done? Let’s see…but first here is my easy recipe:


Easy hummus recipe


  • 2 cans of chickpeas (15oz) drained and rinsed
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 3 heaping tablespoons tahini paste
  • 3 lemons, juiced (more or less per preference)
  • few tablespoons (3-4) of olive oil to help blend
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a food processor, pulse the garlic and chickpeas until a crumbled mixture has formed. Add in the tahini and seasoning.
  2. While blending, slowly drizzle in olive oil and lemon, alternating to blend.
  3. Continue to blend until the texture is smooth and fluffy, and there aren’t any big bits of chickpea chunks left.
  4. Check for seasoning and add in more if needed. Add chopped parsley on top if you wish.

Other tricks and tips for using your hummus

  • You can make a big batch of hummus in advance and store for a while in the fridge for gatherings. Instead of getting those sour cream dips, use hummus instead as a way for people of all diets to enjoy at parties.
  • Hummus doesn’t have to be all garlicky and savory. There are recipes that swap out the garlic and lemon for cinnamon and sweeteners or even chocolate chips to make a dessert dip- like hummus fondue to share.

cookies in ceramic plates


  • Flourless chickpea based cookies that can even be vegan seem to be hitting the stores and there are some great recipes online, like this one.

cooked pasta on brown wooden bowl

  • I have made tomato based sauces for pasta with chopped chickpeas in it, but I didn’t think of making a creamy hummus sauce for a pasta dish, and maybe adding in some roasted broccoli.

sliced cucumber on white table

  •  If you are doing low carb and don’t want sandwiches or pasta, you can slice cucumber into long wide strips and roll up some hummus with cold cut slices like turkey for lunch.
  • Don’t like the regular hummus flavor? Then you can add in some peas and mint or cilantro for a fresh flavor and use it like a vegan pesto, or as a sauce spread for a Mediterranean flatbread pizza (pizza doesn’t just have to be tomato sauce).
  • One of the more creative ideas is to whisk in some hummus to your salad dressings. I think this would add some nice nutty and garlic notes into the dressing for salads that have ingredients like olives, feta, chicken and roasted red peppers.





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