Celebrating Valentines Day And Not Breaking Your Budget

The traditional Valentines Day gifts of flowers, chocolates, fancy lobster dinners, and teddy bears may sound nice, but in reality for many people it can put a dent in their bank accounts just for one special day. Celebrating the love you have for family, friends or a significant other should also come at all times of the year, not just one specific day. It is however a nice gesture and thoughtful for others to take some sort of part in the holiday if they choose to do so, but they can still do it on a budget. So how exactly does that work you might be thinking. Well it surprisingly doesn’t take too much to put something thoughtful together and even in the comfort of your own home for a loved one. Bonding and spending quality time is a gift enough for the people you care about. Sometimes people can’t spend time together on the actual holiday, but you can always celebrate it earlier the weekend before it or after it.

I am not one for large amounts of materialistic gifts, especially for Valentines Day and the small ideas and gestures to do with a loved one appeal to me more. There are lots of fun ideas that people can do together, including ideas for parents and their children to do together to be in the spirit of love. Creating a yearly tradition that you may do with your family or children is a special and memorable way to celebrate the holiday without going overboard on your budgets.

Tips and Ideas to Enjoy a nice Valentines Day without breaking the bank

  • Surprising a significant other or a parent with breakfast in bed is a sweet gesture. I remember when I was a kid and decorating a plate with food I had in the house for my mom as a breakfast surprise. I think one time I made a bagel decorated with mini marshmallows and Twizzlers. Weird imagination for a kid, but of course my mom appreciated it anyway.
  • Make your own decorations with your kids or on your own if you want to have your house covered in red in pink. Paper hearts, cutouts even heart snowflakes can be made
  • Handmade cards are very thoughtful and for me sometimes even more meaningful than a card someone bought for me. Even if you can’t draw well you can find cute images online, puns and phrases to make it personalized for something your loved one likes. Plus it doesn’t cost a thing if you already have paper, colored pencils or markers at home.
  • Heart shaped cookie cutters can be your best friend for using them for something other than just cookies. You can make pancakes and then cut out hearts from them; mold rice or other sticky foods into a heart shaped cutter and create a dinner that is heart themed. The other day I even cut out mini hearts from zucchini rounds and roasted them.
  • Every year make a tradition to make a memorable meal at home together and bond by making the meal together or give roles to each person on what to help prepare.  Then every year after that you would make it the tradition to always do it. Being alone and in the comfort of your own home without a bunch of people sitting around you in a crowded restaurant on Valentines Day sounds inviting. It can be something as easy and cheap enough as homemade mac and cheese made with heart shaped pasta.
  • Have any chocolate bars lying around or some fresh fruit in the fridge like pineapple, strawberries, or even blueberries? Then you can whip up some chocolate dipped fruit without even leaving the house to get dessert.
    • You can microwave to melt the chocolate, or have a pan of some hot water boiling with a bowl on top of it with the chocolate stirring it to melt. Then simply dip and coat the fruit and place on foil or parchment paper to prevent sticking, setting in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

Below are some things I have made at home with loved ones and it was fun to do without it being such a big splurge on cash for anyone. It can be easy to passively buy flowers or chocolate, but can be more of an effort to bond and do something more meaningful that is sometimes cheaper. Enjoy the day your way.


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